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Introducing TRG's Tools & Terminology
$ FREE! Introducing TRG's Tools & Terminology
  • Short Term Price Action
  • Volume & Liquidity
  • Trading like a Pro
  • Online student community: "the Pit"
  • Optional live "Ask the Tutor" expert assistance
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The art of TickMaking

Learn the TRG Basic Playbook
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  • Ranges, Direction & Correlation
  • Footprint Charts & Volume Profile
  • Market Structure & Statistics
  • TRG Basic Playbook: 8 daily trade setups
  • Online student community: "the Pit"
  • Optional live "Ask the Tutor" expert assistance
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Daily Live Trading • Education • Community
$ 99 each month
  • Free access to TRG's TickMaker courses
  • Full access* to the Pit - our online community
  • Video library with hundreds of educational clinics, workshops and live trading examples
  • 50% discount on live "Ask the Tutor" expert assistance
  • Access to optional advanced TRG Labs


Lee Harris - @emojitrading

Lee has traded futures & options since the early 1990s, turning full-time in 2014.

He launched emoji trading in 2015 to provide high quality order flow analysis visualization software for popular trading platforms.

Lee has a strong focus on market profile and market microstructure as the basis for defining intraday swing trade setups.

Jeff Mayem - @SurfingTheMrkts

Jeff has traded 47 years; options since 1973, and futures since 1985. His focus is on the development of discretionary trading processes for scalping and intraday structural trades.

In addition to over 25 years of professional training experience at IBM, Microsoft, and several colleges, Jeff has also coached and mentored hundreds of traders--he is notorious for his exuberant energy level and “tough love” approach.


What we don't do…

Call Trades or Price Levels
this is not a FURU's live trading room and we do not sell any magic black box indicators

Use Price-Based Indicators
conventional Technical Analysis levels are simply too easy to exploit in today's algo-rich environment

Propose That Consistently Profitable Trading is Easy
most new business ventures fail - the trading business is no exception

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What we do…

meet live online regularly for ongoing trader development

utilize a process-driven approach to developing trading setups

enable 24x7 interaction with like-minded traders

research and implement the state of the art in platform optimization

conduct live events to add to our continuously growing members' education library



$ 99 each month


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$ 949 each year
save 20%