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Trading Research Group takes a process-driven approach to the development of consistent trade setups. Our members-only community connects our founders and like-minded, serious traders.
Members interact continuously through:

  • multiple scheduled weekly educational meetings
  • opportunistic ad-hoc live meetings based on market events
  • peer-to-peer mentoring
  • a private Slack workspace
Our continuously growing library of courses, recorded events, and trade setups integrates the state of the art in trading analytical technology, platforms and automation.

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Our Ethos

“One of the greatest mistakes we make is to idolize the artist rather than the art; the messenger rather than the message.”
Charles F. Glassman
Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

The Trading Research Group is a different type of trading group. We embrace the concept of Gestalt – looking to perceive entire patterns or configurations, not merely the individual components.

This aligns perfectly to trading where process discipline and structure is crucial, and the ability to absorb, interpret and act upon what is happening now (rather than what we preconceive or hope will happen) keeps us in tune with the markets we seek to trade.

Being part of a group of like-minded individuals with the same learning aspirations and approach allows for greater learning – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

We believe in progress, not perfection. As a trader, one has never finished learning or optimising.

What we don't do…

call trades or price levels
this is not a FURU's live trading room and we do not sell any magic black box indicators

use price-based indicators
conventional Technical Analysis levels are simply too easy to exploit in today's algo-rich environment

propose that consistently profitable trading is easy
most new business ventures fail - the trading business is no exception

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What we do…

meet live online regularly for ongoing trader development

utilize a process-driven approach to developing trading setups

enable 24x7 interaction with like-minded traders

research and implement the state of the art in platform optimisation

conduct live events to add to our continuously growing members' education library

The Group's Founders

Lee Harris - @emojitrading

Lee has traded futures & options since the early 1990s, turning full-time in 2014.

He launched emoji trading in 2015 to provide high quality order flow analysis visualization software for popular trading platforms.

Lee has a strong focus on market profile and market microstructure as the basis for defining intraday swing trade setups.

Jeff Mayem - @SurfingTheMrkts

Jeff has traded for 46 years focusing on the development of trading processes: options in 1973, futures in 1983, and automated trading systems in 1999.

An accomplished scalper with a 85%+ win rate over tens of thousands of trades, and 20 years coaching & training experience at IBM, Microsoft, and several colleges and universities.

Jeff's exuberant energy level is notorious among group members.

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