Personal Training

Personal & Small Group Training & Coaching

Sometimes you need some 1:1 coaching to drive you forward. Engage with TRG’s tutors and build a personalized education plan to help meet your trading goals.

We can help with:

  • sticking points
  • in-depth coaching & instruction
  • customized 1:1 or small group live education

Jeff’s runs regular small teaching & coaching groups providing multiple live trading and weekend check-in sessions.

We also offer mini 1:1 “Help me” clinics where you can book TRG team members for 15-20 minute zoom consultations and screen shares on specific individual issues.

Lee Harris

footprints • market profile • emoji tools • Sierra Chart ACSIL

Jeff Mayem

price action scalping • Jigsaw daytrdr • NT optimisation

Jonathan van Clute

Sierra Chart support & automation • Trading psychology

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