As an educational group, we strive to achieve the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Here’s what some of our members have to say about our Zen and the Art of Order Flow Trading Bootcamp and Trading Research Group Membership.

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Student Feedback

If you're looking to learn how to take money out of the markets, look no further than Trading Research Group. They are expert, serious, and focused, and won't waste your money. No hype. No gimmicks. Just market order flow action, and HOW TO ACTUALLY READ IT and take advantage of it. A breath of fresh air in an industry full of smoke and mirrors.

Great introduction to Order Flow trading. Instructors know how to teach.

Great course for really getting to understand order flow and footprint charts; very clear visuals and explanations from first principles, without the need for any fancy or expensive software.

Like everyone else, I am very time poor these day. So when I saw the email from TRG about a 5 day bootcamp style course, I jumped onto it. This course has everything I needed to improve my trading straightaway. Meeting like-minded people is anothe added value. Overall, best value for time and money I invested so far on this Order Flow for Beginners - Practical Trade Setups course among other courses I attended.

I've been trading the markets for 16 years and feel that there is always something I can learn. I found Lee on Youtube when I started learning orderflow. His videos reflected a mathematical precision to what I was already doing with technical analysis and I wanted to learn more. After listening to Doc say "every trade begins as a scalp" at one of TRG's invitational sessions I knew that I wanted to learn more. I found I typically had profits early in a trade (i.e. a scalp) but I didn't take that profit nor did I manage it properly. I would either give it all back get stopped out (often to the tick) and then the trade would do what I originally intended, or I was wrong and in the process of "letting the trade work" I would realize I was wrong with a bigger loss than if I had just scalped. The Bootcamp gave specific strategies to avoid this.

I attended a couple of sessions and after witnessing the value, I signed up for a long term membership. Then I attended the 4 weeks extended Bootcamp to provide me the chance to properly review the discussed materials / recorded sessions. After many years in the trading world, I can attest to the value that Lee and Jeff bring to the table; they have a wealth of information which they happily share with the group members. The membership is very active in the message board. Besides shared info, there is a vast amount of resource shared.

This group is steps above the normal Day Trading available throughout the industry and I am not even talking about YouTube where you can find hoards of videos showing day trading but basically don't help much. In one of the groups I belonged to, I was mentoring S&P500 trading, but let me assure you, that the level in this group is so much higher, that I don't even want to venture mentioning what I did before - which represents next to nothing in comparison to this group.
Thank you so much for the privilege of allowing me into this group.

Worth every penny spent on this course. I learned so much from each session and have already implemented a couple of the concepts successfully. The course is laid out in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Also, the method of teaching is brilliant. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to be a profitable and confident trader.

Like you, on Facebook, Youtube and every other social media outlet, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of people saying "look at me! I will teach you how to trade and make money". I have seen a woman sat on some stairs with a cat on her lap and a laptop next to her, I have seen a teenager shouting like a rap star to the camera about trading, I have seen people on the beach filming themselves with a hired Ferrari in the background.

Now...if I take these 3 profiles and many many others to the London City Square Mile or Wall St itself, and at lunch time see all the professional institutional traders leaving their offices and I stop them and say "hey guys.. I know you are professionals and you studied incredibly hard and learnt vital skills from world class hedge funds and futures firms and get paid to trade.. but look who I am going to learn from... the cat lady... the teenage rapper... the beach bum..." --- What do you think the reaction would be? I would be an embarrassed laughing stock..

SO STOP WASTING YOUR VALUABLE TIME! Jeff and Lee are actual traders from professional and institutional backgrounds who also have the unique gift of being incredible teachers and guides. What they teach is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of all the rubbish of social media pretenders. Do you know that millionaire professional institutional traders (who trade with your banks money, your pension funds, the governments money bonds, etc) don't have a single indicator on the screens? No oscillators, no moving averages, no nothing! So what do they use then?

This is EXACTLY what you will learn and EASILY DIGEST and FINALLY start to learn the beautiful decision making process used by the PROFESSIONALS. Heed my words and save yourselves from years of wasted money and mistakes and start learning from TODAY. Trading is all about making decisions. So make the decision. The best decision of your financial future. I don't want to give anything away but believe me you will in a matter days (if you study diligently) start to begin to understand just 3 key concepts. Then when you join them together you will start to see INCREDIBLE well timed opportunities to trade PROFITABLY. If you don't take me seriously then please go join the losers on social media and live with your decision.

These guys are the real deal. Everything about TRG, from the website, their educational courses, their videos, their replies to you personally, their tech team - every single aspect is catered to provide the best customer care you will get. Period. Read that sentence again 10 times. You will know. Don't think. Just Blink. Do it..

I can't recommend this bootcamp enough! It's incredibly rare to find experienced people in this industry that are truly invested in you becoming a better trader. There's no hidden agenda or motive to up-sell you a fancy new method or indicator that promises to unlock the world of trading to you. The Trading Research Group makes no secret about how hard it is to succeed in this business. They are 100% invested in your success and if you're willing to put in the work, and approach what they teach with an open mind, it will propel your trading journey into a new dimension. Hard-earned wisdom that they are freely sharing for your enrichment. There's no one else teaching Futures-focused content like this on the internet. I promise you won't regret signing up.

I wish it did not take 20 years since leaving the floor to discover TRG. I was very skeptical and set in my ways, and these were not getting me the level of success I wanted trading shorter timeframes. This shifted because of Jeff and Lee's educational approach. Bottom line - they have done the work. If you're interested in doing the work and an espirt de corps environment, then join the group.

I have been through the courses from some of the biggest providers and Prop Trading Houses out there. TRG are another level. The information and teaching style is the best I have come across in the last 7 years of searching. Search over.

Worth every penny.

For folks who are into learning what scalping in the future market means: this is one true bootcamp to attend. It is not just about learning how to read a chart. This bootcamp is about using a structural process to reduce risk and ensuring profitability in the long term.

If you're a struggling trader and want to learn what's important and what 'works' in today's highly competitive futures markets, and also unlearn some 'Furu nonsense', then go see Jeff and Lee and take the TRG Bootcamp.

I've been a member of several Trading related education fora and/or processes from Technicals to Fundamentals and what was missing was the push into using the acquired knowledge into Trading. So... awesome experience. The brain's a little on warp speed right now but highly impressed with the secrets, skills and knowledge of Lee and Jeff gleaned over decades of trading. What endeared me to them was: they never promised a get rich quick scheme and asked us novices to discipline ourselves for the long ride - they "literally" do that too! In addition, they've established a process that's going to take me months, even a few years to catch up to, but it's all going to be worth it. Cheers!

A solid introduction to order flow trading. After this bootcamp I can't imagine going back to standard technical indicators for my trading!

You have delivered a true road map to success for me as I apply the concepts and processes within the course to my trading. Noteworthy is the banishing of nonsense, uninformed and/or “Furu” notions and concepts with a constant focus placed upon what does provide an edge and how the Trader should then execute. The “Process“ document is absolutely brilliant in it’s capture and distillation of Context, Price Action and Playbook components. The emphasis on being “in the moment” and adhering to the “Golden Rules” help reinforce the need to be flexible and get flat when my premise is no longer valid. The course layout was similarly excellent as it lent itself to consumable content modules for me. I am very grateful to you both for your efforts in formulating and delivering the Bootcamp course and I will endeavor to apply the principles learned in my trading with an eye towards putting on size in the future. Thank You!

I've been using order flow for half a dozen years and have purchased several expensive tools and training courses. I'm finally beginning to see how order flow might actually be useful for trading rather than just esoteric mumbo jumbo. This bootcamp has been by far the clearest and most helpful training I have encountered. Great value for the money!!

A very good introduction to order flow! Trading with order flow is the key for success in trading, and the bootcamp was a great opportunity for me to be introduced to this way of thinking.

Do it! Forget what you've learned and immerse yourself in a real time trading experience that can only improve your results.

I’ve been on the trading journey for almost 3 years, been in many workshops, been privately mentored by many professional traders and in many different trading styles from swing trading, long term investing to scalping the 60 second charts. I’ve spent $30,000 so far on trading education and of all I tell you sincerely I’ve got more from this bootcamp on how to read order flow and see a true edge than I have from any of them. Most people just sell you the dream, they give you bits and pieces of a supposed set up, they give you some fake stats and send you on your way. It’s sad but that’s what you get from most day trading education - how ever it’s 100 percent different in TRG. 

They tell you the truth about trading, what it is and what it’s not - they show you how to read in real time what the market participants are doing and teach you how to make a high odds trade with a statistical edge. There is nothing more to trading than that and it’s all anyone will ever need to make a living from trading . Learning the order flow is truly the most pure and accurate view of the auction taking place which we call the “market” - it’s the inside making of any set up or edge you’ll ever learn. Knowing this aspect of the business gives you an edge that works in any and every market condition. Even if you wish to just take a few hundred a day from the markets part time after you leave the bootcamp and dig into TRG you absolutely will be able to do so with time and dedication to craft your skill. To anyone wondering if you should or shouldn’t - no question about it. It’s worth 10 times what they charge.

Professional, masters-equivalent level trading education!

The Bootcamp was very intense and went forward in a fast pace. The material delivered, is in my opinion, invaluable. I can truly vouch for that Jeff and Lee delivered what was promised: an approach for consistency. They never claimed that it was easy, but it’s possible.

I highly recommend this bootcamp to a trader looking for a direction toward success. You will be taught the skills needed to succeed!!

TRG's Zen Bootcamp is packed with relevant day-trading information presented in a clear, easy to understand format focusing on essential information that integrates scalping and swing trades. The approach and strategy is novel and unique and focuses on execution. The instructors teach at a graduate level and help participants leave behind money losing ideas and bad thinking habits. Highly recommended!

The amount of valuable knowledge I gained in this bootcamp program has surpassed by far my expectation.

I started trading similar to most, sifting through standard technical indicators and learning about volume profile with zero success. After a mini breakthrough I realized I couldn’t predict the market with a math equation, but I had no idea where to look for education… so I continued to search the internet and struggle. Forward some years later and I found TRG. I’ve learned more from Jeff and Lee in their one month bootcamp than I have in my previous years of trial and frustration. I was truly shocked to see how professional traders look at the market… and how it’s not even the same game that retail traders play. Thanks guys!

A solid base and fantastic foundation to trading futures with order flow.

Jeff and Lee seem to have found a way to unlock secrets to profitable trading that I always knew existed, but couldn’t find in any book. Their methods not only work... they work really well.

This is truly an amazing group to be part of. It is like an online university group for persons learning to day trade Futures in a serious way. It fills in the gaps of just watching youtube videos/webinars or belonging to a trading room. The learning occurs through structured lectures/videos that are archived, along with a group Slack that allows for "on- the-fly" informal interaction and learning. Very unique and valuable are live trading experiences with senior/veteran traders - "how i do it ... this is what i am thinikng". I am extremely happy i enjoyed the group and hope i can continue to grow as a trader going forward. Always appreciate the time and effort the group leaders put in. They are teachers by nature.

Before joining the group, I felt I was just coming into my own as a trader and frankly, wasn't sure joining would be the best thing to do at that time. I was on a very consistent weekly win streak and thought "why change that?" However, I didn't have any scalping skills to speak of and I used no volume analysis at all. I knew that acquiring those skills would help me stay relevant in the trading world. The ultimate deciding factor, however, was that at the very least, I could directly interact with a professional trader who had been trading as a business for over 46 years. So if nothing else came out of it, I would at least have a template of how to conduct myself as a professional trader.

After over 6 months, I realize now what a missed opportunity it would've been not to join. There is a philosophy within the group that emphasizes that the sum is more than the individual parts. Every contribution from its members, whether in the form of questions or shared experiences, helps elevate everyone's game. It's not only given me the opportunity to learn from real professional traders, but also to contribute from my own learning and that continuous loop has improved my trading more than I could have imagined.

There's no doubt that it's a lot of hard work to succeed in trading. But my own hard work is starting to pay off. I have a funded account now trading OPM (other people's money) and doing well but more importantly, I have a confidence and a skillset that is designed to continually assess itself and adapt, improvise and overcome any situation that gets thrown at it. There's still a long road ahead but I have my best asset - myself, and I have the tremendous depth of the group to draw upon to help me along the journey.

I've been through a lot of different trading education in 20 years participating in the markets. From high-ticket live events, to super-cheap online slideshow courses. I've usually managed to extract something from all of them, but generally they were never taught well and I was left to figure a lot out on my own. Even in those rare instances where the instructor(s) actually came from a truly professional trading background over many years, they tended to not know how to teach. Either you learned the way they were teaching, or you didn't end up learning.

TRG is the first trading education I've participated in that is not only taught by true expert traders, but they also know how to develop a curriculum and teach it effectively. Jeff has even been a literal college professor, and that's exactly how he runs his sessions every week - like a graduate college class. He expects, even demands, participation from you because if you aren't going to participate, you wont have any chance of success and he does everything he can to help his students find their personal path to success in trading (whatever success means to each individual!).

Jeff and Lee are very different types of people, and they even mostly trade very different styles (extreme scalping vs. intraday swing trading). But their approaches are both rooted in the identical fundamentals, so learning from both of them results in the most well-rounded understanding of order flow trading that I could imagine receiving. And these gentlemen don't just talk about it, they trade real money right in front of us quite regularly, letting us see the hits, the misses, and everything in between.

The amount of effort and energy they put into their presentations is obvious. This is not "sit and watch slides for an hour" teaching. In fact there are rarely any slides at all! It's 100% real-world, applied trading, that couldn't have been captured during a better time (watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold live over several months while Jeff trades through it all, is an absolutely priceless experience that was all captured in the first set of workshop videos).

These guys are serious about filling a real need in the world of trading education, and I can't think of anyone better suited to tackle it. Without question, TRG is simply a phenomenal value and I'm so honored to have stumbled into it.

At the many transition points in my trading journey, I felt I was reducing [again] the distance to “understanding” by half. Nonetheless, I still wasn’t consistent! TRG in several short months has brought refinement and precision to the ideas and processes I’d been working on for years. This was the structure, grammar, and punctuation my vocabulary was missing. I am invigorated with new ideas, practical solutions, community interaction, and so many bright voices. Still, TRG is not nonchalant education. Foremost, I’m constantly challenged by the material presented to address my abilities, ideas, and performance. And, almost immediately I saw a huge increase in consistency! Dare I say, at times the wins come so easily it feels like I’m cheating!

Dear Jeff & Lee. I believe you are very honest traders and have highly contributed to my learning curve although I had to reset my brain with the DOM & Volume Profile. I definitely knew you were not just randomly putting ordesr on your DOM when you were trading LIVE (at low volume nodes/edges of high volume nodes and considering all of the volume profile nuances). Definately trade location is so important. I'm humbled because I made over $10k today (10 Aug 2020) and I testify that you have highly contributed to my trading success just because I watched all of your recordings and all and basically spent weeks and months in front of a screen to unlearn everything I previously knew and learned to just trade using volume profile and the DOM. I would love you to add this as a note somewhere on TRG website. I give you permission to share and show this to anyone if you wish.

Before discovering Trading Research Group, I had spent a lot of time trying to figure this out myself. What can i say? After 4 weeks of Bootcamp I have a wider notion of what trading really is and let me tell you something: It has nothing to do with head & shoulder patterns or support/resistance lines. It goes a lot deeper than that. I've really found value on how Doc and Lee delivered such a level of deep knowledge about the markets.

Before discovering Trading Research Group, I had spent a lot of time trying to figure this out myself. What can i say? After 4 weeks of Bootcamp I have a wider notion of what trading really is and let me tell you something: It has nothing to do with head & shoulder patterns or support/resistance lines. It goes a lot deeper than that. I've really found value on how Doc and Lee delivered such a level of deep knowledge about the markets.

I've bought pretty much every course and program in the industry and this is by far the best!

If you really want to learn how the market works, to get right inside it, this is the course you need... understanding order flow is all the matters to succesfully make your living in trading..

After months and thousands on courses, memberships and indicators I was still not ready to trade. I knew there was something more and I kept searching. When I found TRG I stopped searching. Throughout the TRG Bootcamp my confidence needle was pinned on Bullish. I know for certain that TRG is the right place to help me achieve the success that I am looking for and am thankful I can share the rest of my journey as a TRG member.

This bootcamp was exceptional.

I've just finished the October bootcamp and its been an incredible experience! I've learnt ways of looking at markets that I haven't seen before and the content is just mind blowing. To see Lee talking through in real time why a low isn't too low and then price breaking through it is just magic, and the way Jeff frames data for scalping is genius. As the course progresses the realization hits of what you're actually learning from Lee and Jeff and the feeling's hard to describe. You can tell a lot of thought has been put into how the student can get the most from this experience, they really are committed to your success. Taking the bootcamp is a decision I'm really happy I made.

This bootcamp has definitely been an eye opener for me. I cannot recommend it enough. Lee and Jeff's integrity and transparency are an exception to the rule in this difficult and often disingenuous industry.