Process Is King.

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Within TRG one of the things we talk about a lot, is process. The idea of having a solid process for trading, seems to go mostly unacknowledged out in the trading education world. I know that in my 20 years and countless educators, I never heard any mention of the idea before landing here. But is it really that important?

I’m certain you’ve already got processes you follow in other areas of your life. Pick anything you’re good at. Anything at all. A hobby. Your job. Anything. If you’re good at it, you have a process. Even if you hate your boss and your job, I bet you have a process to help you do as little as possible, and avoid being fired!

Lawrence had a process

Processes are what enable us to obtain consistent results in anything we do. Whether it’s your golf swing, how you make a sandwich, how you get ready in the morning, or how you go to sleep at night. Anything you ever do where a desired quality of result is desired, needs a process. This goes triple for trading.

Want to make $100 a day? $1,000 a day? $10,000 a day? They are all possible, but everyone who does any of them with any consistency at all, has a process for exactly how they do it. Every successful trader who survives and thrives in the markets, has a process for it.

So what’s yours? What process do you have in place that enables you to step into your chosen market(s) when conditions are just right, grab a fistful of cash, and escape with it?

If you couldn’t answer that almost instinctively with precision, then you probably need to do a lot more work on process. But it can be hard to do on your own, and asking for input from traders or groups on social media is almost always a recipe for disaster. Find yourself a trader (or better yet, group of traders) who understands what you are looking to do with regards to process, and can help you to nail down yours without making it theirs. If you like, I’m happy to help anyone develop their process, just come see us in TRG!

Until next time, good trading!

Jonathan van Clute
Community Manager, Trading Research Group

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    • Absolutely! Come join us in Daerin’s Dojo within TRG, that’s where we focus the most on process, psychology, and all that “fun” stuff! =D


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