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Thankful for Free Markets

Well seeing as how it’s “the day after Black Friday” in the USA, I suppose I should probably write something about being thankful. But rather

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Your Feelings Aren’t Real

We often talk about how it’s the “emotional” game in trading that is so hard, or that one must “trade without emotion”, etc. Those are

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Process Is King.

Within TRG one of the things we talk about a lot, is process. The idea of having a solid process for trading, seems to go

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Do You Need Limiters?

My last 3 years have been spent full time on learning to trade with order flow. After nearly 20 years of “chasing the dream” with

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Close-up Photo of Data in a Monitor

TA Is Never Wrong!

No, that title is not a joke. It’s an actual fact. Technical analysis is never wrong. Never. But the people using it, are nearly always

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