Direction From Price Action Charts
Direction From Volume At Price
Direction from Correlation
Risk Management
The TRG Basic Playbook
Next Steps

Introducing The Art of TickMaking

By completing this course, you’ll have an understanding of the TRG Basic Playbook. This collection of trade setups is used daily by Trading Research Group members. You can watch the group’s instructors and tutors trade and explain them live in daily live trading sessions too.

The playbook setups are based on identifying:

  • Ranges
  • Direction

We have Price Action setups that can be used in any market at any time. There are also setups taking advantage of the trading session’s structure and Volume at Price patterns. 

You’ll learn how to assess:

  • probability of the market doing something specific
  • levels that are important
  • how to execute around these levels and manage risk

By following the steps in this course you’ll be in a position to understand TRG’s live trading sessions and be able to practice the same setups and techniques.  You can as always, ask any questions and access discussion within the Pit

There’s an exam at the end of this course. This helps you test your understanding and review any areas that may be unclear. Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll be able to access more discussion streams within the Pit and be able to engage with others that have learned this material and are using it in their trading.

This course has a lot of content! We recommend that you don’t try to cram it all in at once! Take your time. Review the content. Use the Pit as you need to. Trading is a learned skill and requires ongoing practice and discipline.

We’re looking forward to seeing your development as you learn The Art of TickMaking!

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