Zen and the Art of Order Flow Trading

Trading Research Group's Bootcamp for Committed Traders

Learn how professional traders approach the first hour
using simply price action and market structure


Join our 4-week Zen and the Art of Order Flow Trading Bootcamp teaches simple steps to trade the regular session opening through the first hour using only price action and market structure:

  1. How to scalp the ES and MES E-Mini S&P 500 futures contracts
  2. Find market structure trades that occur around the first hour of trading on most days

Delivered across twelve 90-minute live classes you will learn a specific process to use for consistent daily trading with a trading approach used by professional traders unencumbered by technical analysis and outdated, lagging price-based indicators.

Enrollment is limited to fifty students to ensure focus and productive learning.

By signing up for this Bootcamp you’ll receive:

  • Twelve 90-minute live classes (and their subsequent recordings)
  • Platform Templates for NinjaTrader 8, Jigsaw daytrdr and Sierra Chart
  • Private 24×7 Slack workspace for discussion with the instructors, teaching assistants, and fellow students
  • Membership to Trading Research Group to continue your growth as a trader (after completion of the Bootcamp) for one month – a $99 value
  • Two 30-minute 1:1 Coaching sessions with each of Trading Research Group’s founders and Bootcamp instructors: Lee Harris & Jeff Mayem that can be used during the Bootcamp or as a Trading Research Group member – a $200 value


Zen and the Art of Order Flow Trading comprises three 90-minute classes each week for four weeks plus associated homework and practise exercises. When you sign up, you will receive access details to the Bootcamp’s Slack Workspace. Upon completion of the Bootcamp you will be able to join Trading Research Group with a one month free membership.

Students are required to approach the Bootcamp with an open mind and not try to fit what they are learning into their existing trading/indicator framework. The pace of training will be fast, so there will be very limited time to debate the value of other approaches. By joining this bootcamp, you understand and agree that we are presenting a statistically driven stand alone approach to trading equity index futures. Please leave prior learned concepts (trends, pivots, MACD cross, RSI, Bollinger Bands, yada yada yada) at the door to accelerate your ability to absorb the material being presented. It is our teaching experience that the best way to learn this technique is to look at it “through the eyes of a child” – as a Tabula Rasa, blank slate – since it may contradict concepts you may believe to be important, but that in this approach are a dangerous distraction.

If you are frustrated by your current trading performance and aspire to achieve consistent profitability, let us help you – as we’ve helped others – on this journey to professional trading.

 Module 1:

  • Welcome. Glossary; Syllabus; Student Responsibilities
  • Following a Process & Introduction to Scalping
  • Make Your Scalping a Game of Probability

Module 2:

  • Entries, Exits & Risk Management
  • Execution Tactics: Market Structure vs. Price Action
  • Scalping as Highly Paid Hourly Work

Module 3:

  • Mid point review. Why Not Just Scalp? Market Structure Increases Returns, Lowers Risk. Why Price Moves.
  • Using a Footprint for Structural Trading
  • Using Profiles for your Intra-Day Trading Plan

Module 4:

  • Using the First Hour to Game the Trading Day
  • Why the Permashorts Keep Getting Stopped Out; How to Catch the ‘Falling Knives’
  • Putting It All Together Profitably
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